Two New Zealand Casinos Allowed to Operate at Alert Level 2

Two New Zealand Casinos Allowed to Operate at Alert Level 2

Christchurch Casino and SkyCity Hamilton’s request to allow temporary cashiers has been approved by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. The casino wanted to open at Alert Level 2, so they made the necessary changes to comply with social distancing and venue feature requirements.

Christchurch Casino’s submission mentions that it wants to create five defined areas, each with its own checkout facility. This required the approval of two temporary cash facilities so that each of the five defined areas could be self-sufficient. This change will minimize the movement of people and the spread of germs.

The casino added that along with customer service, the goal is to “limit the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus by eliminating or minimizing the movement of guests between casino areas.”

SkyCity Hamilton has requested approval to create two separate (by temporary storage) zones in the gambling zone, each with a unique entrance and exit. One zone only has pocky machines and the other zone is dedicated to tables and machines.

The New Zealand Gambling Commission has temporarily granted both casinos’ requests, stating that the additional cashier does not cause any problems. However, the committee added that approved changes are only effective at alert level 2.

The approval of these requests means important news for the casino. That’s because Prime Minister and Director of Health Dr Ashely Bloomfield announced that New Zealand will transition to Alert Level 2 on September 7th at 11:59 PM. At Alert Level 2, social gatherings of 50 (indoor) and 100 (outdoor) or more are no longer allowed.

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