Queensland changes policy to pursue safer gambling

Queensland changes policy to pursue safer gambling

Attorney General Shannon Fentiman said Queensland would shift from promoting ‘responsible gambling’ to pursuing ‘safer gambling’.

Authorities are aiming to reduce the impact of gambling on people’s lives in the state through a four-year plan. This could include stronger regulations and more pressure on gambling operators to take care of their customers.

According to a recent survey, about 70% of Queenslanders gamble, and Fentiman says only a few of them may have gambling problems, but she believes all gamblers should be protected.

Fentiman said, “There is no doubt that gambling is a complex social problem that affects not only the gamblers themselves, but also their families, their workplaces and the wider community.”

“Damage can also have ripple effects on all aspects of life where relationships, mental health and finances are sacrificed.”

Mainstream and Gaming Commissioner Victoria Thomson emphasizes that while the state has already made significant progress in this area, there is still more work to be done. Thomson said early identification of potential problem gamblers is critical to preventing harm.

“We need to expand our focus beyond ‘problem gamblers’ and focus our attention on identifying those at risk and intervening early to prevent harm before it happens,” Thomson said.

“While significant work has already been done in Queensland to prevent and minimize gambling-related harm, we also know that we can go much further to protect people by changing our focus, acknowledging new trends and technologies and working as a team.

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