Entain is GambleAware’s top donor in Q1, 2021

Entain Is a Top Donator for GambleAware in Q1, 2021

GambleAware, a UK gambling charity, has released details of grants and commitments from gambling-based businesses in the UK. The charity noted that it has received $ 3.2 million in grants and commitments for the three months to June 30, 2021. The largest grant from GambleAware was $ 2.7 million provided by Entain, one of the world’s largest betting and gaming companies.

GambleAware shows the list of Q1, 2021 donations

GambleAwareThe UK-based Gambling Charity unveiled details of the three-month grant ending on 30 June 2021 on Monday. In Q1 2021, it received a total of $ 3.2 million (3 2.3 million) in the form of Voluntary contributions and commitments of the gambling industry (Excluding regulatory settlements).

Under current regulations in the UK, licensed gambling businesses must engage with them Funding for gambling treatment, research as well as education. GambleAware, as an organization dealing with these issues, seeks authorized businesses that benefit from gambling in the country. Donate at least 0.1% of your annual gambling income (GGY) Jobs earning less than $ 345,000 (250 250,000) a year may contribute at least $ 345 (250 250).

Top Donor GambleAware: Entain

with that $ 2.7 million (میلیون 2.0 million) grant, Undain Entain is the company with the most money Q1 2021. The second highest donation is $ 69,000 (50 50,000) made by GambleAware Videos. Another large grant worth $ 41,500 (30 30,000) Broadway Limited, According to details published by Gambling Charity. Similar to Broadway games, Apricot Investments It also donated $ 41,500 (30 30,000) in Q1, 2021.

In Q1 2021, Star Racing Ltd While $ 29,000 (7 20,720) has helped Virgin Idol Limited Donated $ 23,500 (16 16,892). Intouch Games Ltd Three separate donations, each of $ 6,500 (47 4,700), and a total of $ 19,600 (14 14,100) in Q1 2021. Proficiency in Net Ltd He also donated $ 15,300 (11 11,000) in the first quarter of 2021.

GambleAware receives additional commitments and assistance

In addition to donations, GambleAware has shown that it has received $ 91,000 (65 65,605) in grants. Commitments from BetVictor Limited. On the other hand, European mansion resources are limited While pledging $ 13,900 (00 10,000) Novomatic AG Contributed to GambleAware for $ 7,000 (5000 5,000). Extra donations from the charity include $ 30,500 (22 22,000) from the site STS.BET Limited. GambleAware also received $ 31,700 (22 22,800) from the site With a limited click.

The charity explained that only the donations and commitments received by June 30, 2021 are part of the report. GambleAware grants or commitments The course will then be announced in October this year. The charity also explained that the latest donation list only includes donations from donations. Companies that make money from gambling activities.

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