EGBA Commits Safer Gambling in New Sustainability Report

EGBA Commits Safer Gambling in New Sustainability Report

The CEOs of member companies of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) worked to promote safer gambling in Europe’s online gambling sector.

In the organization’s first annual sustainability report, EGBA members committed to more distribution of safer gambling tools and more communications.

The goal of the EGBA annual report is to “support accountability, transparency and strengthen a safer gambling culture in Europe’s online gambling sector”.

The 2020/21 report summarizes the joint efforts and progress of our member companies to promote safer gambling, protect players and ultimately make a positive contribution to European society.

Key data highlights for 2020 include 75% of customers who have activated at least one safer gambling tool on their online betting account, up from 61% of customers in 2019.

A total of 14.2 million general communications were sent to customers and 2.8 million personalized communications were sent to promote safe gambling. And voluntary donations to European sports through sponsorship and payment of sports streaming rights totaled €480 million ($481.3 million), a 20% increase over 2019.

“EGBA and its members are committed to being at the forefront of safer gambling and our annual sustainability report is our commitment to being responsible and transparent about our activities, tracking our progress, and putting safer gambling at the center It is part of our commitment to support the overall effort of EGBA,” said Maarten Haijer, Executive Director of EGBA.

“The CEO’s personal commitment to achieving these goals is very important and welcome. It is very encouraging to see that our members are already taking action by distributing more safer gambling tools and communicating with customers more than ever before about safer gambling and in an increasingly personalized and targeted way.”

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