PGL may consider relocating Stockholm CS: GO Major

PGL May Consider Relocating Stockholm CS:GO Major

The PGL is considering moving CS: GO Major to another location in October if Sweden issues more restrictive guidelines for dealing with the epidemic.

PGL in talks to relocate to Stockholm

PGL Stockholm CS: GO Major, An event with sponsorship for the popular first-person shooter, faces uncertainty as the Swedish government is not yet fully prepared to acknowledge that esports are elite sports and deserve exemptions when competing for video games.

After forcing Dota 2 International to move to Bucharest، Romania, There is now a second event in the air and there is no certainty about it Major PGL Initially scheduled to run on Avicci Arena that in Stockholm from 23 October via November 7.

PGL and Valve have both been in contact with Swedish authorities and the mayor of Stockholm Anna Koenig Gerlemir. Gerlmeier was amazingly supportive of the cause because his city lives there DreamHack, Is one of the first and largest game (competitive) festivals in the world.

Lack of clarity for plan B

Despite uncertainty about the event, and whether it can be hosted in Sweden, new reports have emerged that the PGL is now in talks with other major European cities to relocate the event. Replacing the 16,000 capacity Avicii Arena is not an easy task, but at the moment the restrictions allow Sweden to have only 300 spectators for similar gatherings.

However, the situation is evolving and with the second wave predicted in the fall, PGL may find itself in a situation that The International is facing and the event should quickly look for a new venue with Bucharest to host.

Sweden is still the first choice of PGL

According to an official update by PGL, the organization is in talks with cities that have promised all organizational prerequisites, including select locations and a large audience. In an official statement, the PGL stated its reasons why Sweden had nominated such a good candidate to host the event:

“When we first planned CS: GO Major, we had in mind that after a long time, we needed to find a special place for the enthusiasm of our players, organizations, fans and, most recently, ours and Sweden. “We had a great spot, a place with a great anti-strike legacy that has helped the sports industry a lot.”

The statement went on to say that the PGL had a B-plan from the beginning, noting that some European countries had acted very quickly to reopen fan events. PGL said it still wants to hold the Major in Sweden and has met with the Swedish Minister of Culture. Amanda Lind, To address this issue.

Sweden is not all against sports, but it has universal health protocols that it adheres to. However, PGL may have to consult with other partners as the availability of other locations may be limited.

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