20 million Americans to bet on Game of the Year

20 million Americans to bet on Game of the Year

20 million Americans are expected to bet on the Tokyo Olympics this year, according to the American Gaming Association’s primary survey of Olympic betting expectations. Unlike a 2018 law when legal sports betting was only available in Nevada, sports betting is now legal in Washington DC and 21 other states, giving more than 100 million Americans access to the legal market.

With 46 Summer Olympic sports this year, there are plenty of opportunities to place your bets. 8% of U.S. adults, totaling 20.1 million, plan to bet on the Tokyo Olympics, and 54% admit they are interested. In addition, 25% of American adults interested in the Tokyo Olympics plan to bet on the event.

Although traditional Olympic sports still appear to be of high interest, given the list of events, the most popular sports betting by American adults are basketball and soccer, the two sports of the highest interest.

It varies from state to state. Some offer online and retail betting while others only offer retail. Virginia and Tennessee only offer online betting, no retail options. Although many states now have the freedom and legality to bet on sports, there may still be restrictions on Olympic betting under each state’s laws. The states that currently reject betting throughout the Tokyo Olympics are Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Washington DC.

Betting plans for Game of the Year come in a variety of forms, either casual betting or betting with friends. The option to bet through online sports channels is the most desired skill.

This runs with a strong urge and aspiration for legal betting options in several states in the United States. Overall, 10% of Americans who do not plan to bet on the Olympic Games this summer explained that they would be much more likely to bet if Olympic betting were actually legal.

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