Slovakia bans Twitch for illegal gambling

Slovakia bans Twitch for illegal gambling

Slovakia banned Twitch after the streamer was charged with illegal gambling.

The US streaming service has become popular among many pro gamers, where fans can watch streamers’ matches in real time, interact with them, and give advice.

However, the platform has recently been receiving increasingly negative feedback from viewers and supporters for not taking appropriate action against illegal content being broadcast live to viewers of all ages.

And one of the problems that fall into this category is online gambling, with thousands of fans seeing streamers playing virtual slots. Some streamers even offer discount codes to their fans on their gambling websites.

Slovak Twitch star dDandis was a streamer who used her platform to perform these activities, but banned the service after dDandis live-streamed herself playing e-poker.

The account had over 35,000 followers, but the account was suspended for violating Slovakia’s gambling laws.

Slovakia, along with Poland and Sweden, has some of the strictest regulations on electronic gambling in Europe, but a full EU ban on the service will be difficult to achieve as the rules vary widely between member states.

However, support for a gambling ban seems to be growing on Twitch as popular streamer Asmangold tweeted. “Twitch should ban gambling streams altogether. Anyone can see that this is not the end of the game just by looking at the EU gambling laws.”

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