GamStop helps people control their gambling behavior

GamStop Helps People Control Their Gambling Behavior

The Independent Evaluation Report found that a significant proportion of gamblers who have registered for a deletion scheme have completely stopped or reduced their gambling since enrolling in the scheme.

Impact on gambling behavior

Provided by research consulting firm Sonnet, the first independent evaluation of GamStop Self-harm plan for online gamblers get that 82 ٪ Consumers have been positively affected after registering for the service.

“We thank Sonnet for making this very accurate evaluation of the services and for carefully reading their recommendations.”

Fiona Palmer, CEO, GamStop

In addition, polls, based on over 3,300 Users and the use of in-depth interviews, showed that 84 ٪ Respondents feel safe from gambling harm and gambling control after registering for a self-harm plan.

“We are pleased to know that vulnerable consumers who have registered with Gamstop have found that this has helped them control their gambling and has a positive impact on their lives.”

Fiona Palmer, CEO, GamStop

Evaluate your removal services, 80 ٪ Respondents replied that they had achieved the desired result after registration, whether it was for a complete cessation of gambling, a reduction in gambling or a short break.

Impact on other areas of life

Other findings of independent evaluation are that 77 ٪ Participants felt more in control of their personal and household finances after joining the scheme. 72 ٪ Reported improvements in anxiety and stress levels 63 ٪ He had improved family relationships. 60 ٪ Reported that they have better focus at work, while 40 ٪ He said they reduced alcohol consumption.

“The insights in this report are very useful and we welcome the opportunity to look at all suggestions for further improvement of services, including the extension of the maximum suspension period, to ensure that they benefit in the long term. Gamstop offers. “

Fiona Palmer, CEO, GamStop

In the end, the study found that “Gamstop reaches a wide range of consumers, who are more populous in terms of age, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.” It also suggests offering a wider range of deprivation courses as a targeted interaction strategy to reach people who have never had access to the support of gambling professionals.

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