N1 Interactive Limited was fined for illegal gambling in the Netherlands.

N1 Interactive Limited was fined for illegal gambling in the Netherlands.

Dutch Gaming Authority, Kanspelautoriteit (KSA), fine for negligence €500,000 (£425,967.50) from Malta based company N1 Interactive Limited.

Since the Netherlands still operates a regulated offline gambling market where online gambling is not allowed, N1 was fined for offering illegal games to Dutch players.

Words like ‘Amsterdam’ were used as bonus codes aimed at the Dutch audience, and the N1 website in the Netherlands has absolutely no indication of a country where online gaming is banned. The amount of the fine was determined over a number of circumstances. And N1 imposed additional fines for not adding a visible age verification option, along with charging players extra for a ‘inactivity fee’.

Online gambling offerings are only permitted if the company is legally licensed. Offering any type of online gambling over the Internet to the Netherlands, a country that previously banned online gambling, is particularly illegal and is considered a ‘banned’ country according to the KSA.

It appears that these rules have been slightly revised since April 1st. The Remote Gambling Act (KOA) came into effect. This makes it possible to apply for an online game delivery license from October 1, 2021.

The goal is still to play safely and appropriately, and to ensure that there are always responsible gambling rules in place to protect players from gambling addiction.

René Jansen, Chairman of the KSA Board of Directors, said, “This includes a strict approach to illicit supply now and after October 1.”

To protect the Netherlands from illegal online gambling, KSA removed N1’s website Betchan, making it no longer accessible.

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